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Sporting Club Grants Program

The Sporting Club Grants Program provides funding for grassroots sport and active recreation organisations across Victoria.

Access to this funding helps clubs and organisations address barriers in participation, develop safe and sustainable practices, and build social and active local communities.

This program assists organisations to purchase sports uniforms and participation equipment, increase the skills of coaches, officials, volunteers and management committees, and supports improvements to club capacity and accessibility.

Program Guidelines 

Additional Information

  • Eligibility


    Applications will be accepted from community-based organisations involved in the delivery of sport and active recreation opportunities in Victoria.

    Applicants must be non-government, not-for-profit, operating in Victoria and registered as one of the following entities:

    • an incorporated association; or
    • a company limited by guarantee; or
    • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation.

    In addition, applicants must meet all additional eligibility criteria listed in section 2 of the Application Guidelines.

    Organisations that are non-government, not-for-profit but do not meet any of the entity types listed above should refer to the Auspice Organisations section below.

  • Funding Categories

    For full details of these categories including examples of eligible projects, please refer to the Application Guidelines.

    Category 1: Uniforms and Participation Equipment

    Grants of up to $1,000 to purchase:

    • Uniforms for teams or individuals
    • Participation equipment which is used during physical participation in a sport or active recreation activity
    • Safety, injury prevention and first-aid equipment.

    Category 2: Skill Development

    Grants of up to $2,000 (clubs, associations and leagues) or up to $5,000 (associations and leagues only) for projects, such as training courses, that improve the skills of coaches, officials, committee members and other volunteers.

    Category 3: Operational Capacity

    Grants of up to $5,000 to implement projects that:

    • Improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of organisations through strategic planning, or
    • Increase community participation in sport and active recreation, particularly amongst under-represented groups.
  • What may be funded

    Below are some common examples of eligible projects under each category. For further information on eligible projects, refer to section 4 of the Application Guidelines.

    Category 1:

    • Playing jerseys, shorts, socks and training bibs
    • Bats, balls, racquets, and portable nets or goals
    • First-aid kits, defibrillators and goal post padding

    Category 2:

    • First-aid training, coach accreditation courses and conflict resolution training
    • Financial management or risk management training

    Category 3:

    • Strategic plan development, social media policy implementation
    • Website development or upgrade
    • Come and try activities or alternative participation programs
  • What will not be funded

    For a comprehensive list of projects that will not be funded across any category please refer to section 3 of the Application Guidelines.

    For a comprehensive list of projects that will not be funded for specific categories please refer to section 4 of the Application Guidelines.

    Below is a list of the most common examples of what will not be funded (across all categories):

    • Applications from applicants that received a grant from the 2021-22 Sporting Club Grants Program (for a list of grant recipients from 2021-22, refer to the Previous Sporting Club Grant Recipients section below).
    • More than one application from the same applicant. If multiple applications are submitted by the same applicant, the first application submitted will be considered and all subsequent applications will ineligible.
    • Applications to deliver services to children, if the applicant does not have the appropriate level of insurance that covers child abuse.
    • Applications submitted by third party grant writers.
    • Funding for existing activities, services or projects that have already commenced or completed.
    • Purchases made prior to the original closing date of each round.
    • Project activity beginning prior to the original closing date of each round.
    • Capital expenditure to acquire, upgrade and/or maintain assets including property, building, hardware and transport.
    • Normal operational expenditure including but not limited to rent, utilities, wages and salaries, accounting and legal fees, property taxes, business travel, administrative expenses and all overhead costs.
    • Applications which are incomplete or missing a mandatory attachment.
  • Auspice organisations

    Sport and Recreation Victoria accepts that some applicants may need to use an Auspice Organisation.

    What is an Auspice Organisation?

    An Auspice Organisation is a legally constituted body that can receive and auspice grant funds, on behalf of an applicant that is not legally constituted.

    In these instances, the Auspice Organisation will receive any grant funds paid for a successful application and is responsible for the completion of the funded project and must sign off on the acquittal of grant funds.

    When is an Auspice Organisation required?

    An Auspice Organisation is required when an applicant is non-government, not-for-profit but is not registered as one of the legal entity types described in the Eligibility section above.

    Who can be an Auspice Organisation?

    Any organisation that is non-government, not-for-profit, operating in Victoria and registered as an incorporated association, public company limited by guarantee or an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation, can act as an Auspice Organisation.

    Can an Auspice Organisation apply for its own grant?

    Yes. Acting as an Auspice Organisation does not prevent an organisation from submitting its own application under this program.

    For full details of Auspice Organisation eligibility, refer to section 2 of the Application Guidelines.

  • Key dates

    Round 1:

    Applications open: Thursday, 16 June 2022

    Applications close: 5 pm Thursday, 21 July 2022

    Notification of Round 1 outcomes: by September 2022

    Round 2:

    Applications open: late February 2023

    Applications close: late April 2023

    Notification of Round 2 outcomes: by June 2023

  • Apply now

    Step 1: Check your eligibility

    Check section 2 of the Application Guidelines to identify if your organisation is eligible for funding.

    Step 2: Apply using the Department’s Grants Portal

    Applicants must submit a completed online application via the Department’s Grants Portal, prior to the close date and time specified in the Key dates section.

    Confirm the category you wish to apply for then click Start a new application to commence your application. You will need to set-up an email login to proceed with your application.

    • Category 1: Uniforms and Participation Equipment (Applications closed)
    • Category 2: Skill Development (Applications closed)
    • Category 3: Operational Capacity (Applications closed)
    • Complete a saved application
  • Contact information

    For preliminary information on this grant program:

    Phone Sport and Recreation Victoria Call Centre - 1800 325 206

    Open weekdays between 9am – 5pm (except public holidays)


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  • Grant acquittal

    Grant recipients may receive an evaluation report up to 18 months after receiving their payment. Completion of the evaluation report is a requirement of the grant acquittal process.

    Sport and Recreation Victoria will email a unique link to organisations required to acquit their grant. By clicking on the unique link, users will be transferred to the Department’s Grants Portal where they need to log-in and complete the evaluation report and upload receipts or other documents which confirm expenditure.

    To request the unique link to complete the evaluation report and acquittal process online, please email us at

    Please be aware that the entire grant amount must be spent on the approved project before completing this evaluation report and acquittal.

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Last updated on 31/05/2022