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Sporting Club Grants Program

The Sporting Club Grants Program provides grants to assist in the purchase of sports uniforms and equipment and to improve the capacity and accessibility of Victorian clubs and other community sport and recreation organisations and increase the skills of their coaches, officials and managers.
  • Funding categories

    The program has three funding categories:

    Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment

    Grants up to $1000 to purchase uniforms or equipment, including first aid equipment, essential for participation.

    Category 2: Skill Development

    Grants to improve the skills of organisation members by providing training for coaches, officials, administration staff and management committees.

    • Up to $2,000 for individual organisations.
    • Up to $5,000 for leagues, associations or an organisation that collaborates with multiple organisations to deliver training for a broad range of participants.

    Category 3: Organisation Operational Capacity

    Grants up to $5000 to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of organisations through strategic planning or, to increase community participation through accessible sport and active recreation opportunities such as pilot programs.

  • What types of activities might be funded?

    Category 1: Uniforms and Equipment

    The purchase of sporting uniforms or equipment that is essential for participation, safety, or first aid equipment for immediate attention to injury that may occur participating in sport or active recreation.

    Funding for active recreation clubs and associations to encourage people to participate in nature-based outdoor activities for example equipment for sporting activities at camps, first aid kits for outdoor activity groups etc.

    Eligible items may include but are not limited to:

    Uniforms, for example:

    • jumpers
    • tracksuits
    • socks
    • boots


    Equipment, for example:

    • bats
    • match balls
    • team equipment kits
    • first aid equipment
    • protective equipment including gloves, helmets and batting pads.

    Category 2 : Skill Development

    Initiatives to improve the skills of organisation members and organisation sustainability through training for coaches, officials, administration staff and management committee members.

    Examples of initiatives may include but are not limited to:

    • participation in courses for coaches, referees, umpires and officials. This includes sports first aid and sports training level 1 or 2
    • workshops for administrators and committee members in financial management, governance and committee management, volunteer management, club administration, information technology or Member Protection Information Officer training.

    Category 3 : Organisation Operational Capacity

    Initiatives to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of organisations. Additionally, initiatives such as a pilot program to increase community participation through accessible sport and active recreation opportunities.

    For example:

    • preparation of a business plan / strategic plan / succession plan
    • development of policy and procedure manuals
    • development of a club or organisation website
    • start-up costs associated with the development of sport and active recreation programs, such as an alternative, modified or pilot programs, that aim to increase the equity, diversity and inclusiveness of sport and recreation for low participation groups or increase the membership base for clubs. This can include promotional material, equipment, uniforms, and training
    • support active recreation organisations and sporting clubs that will deliver more flexible, social and less structured activities that aim to increase participation – for example come and try activities or social programs
    • promotional materials, such as Aboriginal-specific club information flyers or information in other languages.
  • What will not be funded?

    The Sporting Club Grants Program will not fund the following:

    • more than one application from an organisation in total - multiple applications across different categories will not be accepted
    • applications from organisations who have received a sporting club grant from any category in the previous financial year. Applicants can check previous funded organisations at Sport and Recreation Victoria Website
    • applications from organisations who have received an Aboriginal Sport Participation Grant from any category in the current financial year.
    • applications to deliver services to children if the organisation is not an incorporated separate legal entity and cannot provide evidence of appropriate insurance that covers child abuse
    • Funding will not be provided to an organisation that has been notified by the National Redress Scheme Operator that it was named in an application prior to 1 July 2020, and does not join or intend to join the Scheme by 31 December 2020.
    • Funding will not be provided to an organisation named in an application in National Redress Scheme for the first time and receives a Notice of Redress Liability after 1 July 2020, and does not join the Scheme within six months from the date of the Notice of Redress Liability.
    • applications that are not from Victorian incorporated organisations
    • applications from school sport and recreation clubs for current students
    • university sport clubs that participate in inter-varsity competitions
    • applications with generic or replicated responses
    • requests for existing activities (only new projects will be considered)
    • project activity beginning, or uniforms or equipment purchased, prior to the closing date of each round
    • ongoing operational costs (for example, salaries for ongoing positions, rent, electricity and other utilities)
    • projects considered the responsibility of other agencies, including those that currently receive significant financial support from other funding bodies or programs at local, state or federal government level.

    Category 1: Uniforms and Equipment

    • personal protective equipment such as mouth guards
    • personal flotation devices
    • purchase of a defibrillator for a club which has been approved for a defibrillator under the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program
    • material/s from which sporting uniforms will be made
    • fixed playing surfaces and structures (for example, synthetic pitch, goal posts)
    • capital expenditure including the purchase of land (for example, permanent shade structures, permanent fencing, fixed lighting, permanent practice wickets, ramps and other permanent structures)
    • repair of equipment, structures and playing surfaces (for example, golf course, turf wicket pitch)
    • non-playing/participation equipment (for example, public address systems, banners, trophies, videos, sunshades, gazebos, carpet/lino, clubroom items, wicket covers, scoreboards, GPS, computers and IT equipment)
    • canteen items (for example, microwave ovens, soft drink, food, alcohol, cooking utensils)
    • maintenance equipment (for example, lawn mowers, rollers, line markers, hose, compressors)
    • purchase or leasing of vehicles (for example, boats, bikes, golf carts, jet-skis, go-karts), trailers and accessories
    • firearms (for example, rifles, pistols), scopes and ammunition
    • equipment aimed at enhancing the physical skills of participants (for example, agility ladders, bowling machines).

    Category 2: Skill Development

    • training courses to improve the physical skills of players/participants to play their chosen sport or activity
    • costs associated with employment of coaches or providers to deliver training to players/participants
    • courses that don’t provide a direct participation outcome eg. responsible service of alcohol training

    Category 3: Organisation Operational Capacity

    • projects that have previously been funded through this program.
  • Who can apply?

    Community organisations delivering sport and active recreation programs anywhere in Victoria may apply.

    Active Recreation Organisations must be affiliated with Sport and Recreation Victoria’s recognised State Sport and Recreation Bodies.

    This list can be found on the Sport and Recreation Victoria’s website

    Organisations residing close to state borders should contact Sport and Recreation Victoria for guidance with applications.

    Eligible applicants must:

    • be non-government, not-for-profit and registered as an incorporated body at the time of application and for the project duration. If an applicant organisation is not registered as an incorporated body, it must arrange for a legally constituted organisation to manage the grant funds
    • possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) or provide a completed Australian Tax Office form (Statement by a supplier) so that no withholding tax is required from the grant payment
    • be an incorporated separate legal entity that can be sued in child abuse proceedings and be appropriately insured against child abuse if the funding is for the delivery of services to children. Further information got to Child sexual abuse insurance requirements for non-government organisations
    • adhere to and enforce the Fair Play Code (or) their relevant state sporting association code of conduct/member protection policy, which incorporates the Fair Play Code
    • comply with the expectations of the Victorian Anti-doping Policy 2012
    • have satisfactorily met reporting requirements on any grants previously received from Sport and Recreation Victoria
    • have not received any sporting club grants in any round from the previous financial year.
    • be aware that it is a requirement of this grant that if an institution has been named in an application or receives a Notice of Redress Liability, they must join or intend to join the National Redress Scheme (the Scheme). For more information on the Scheme please visit the NRS website

    We highly recommend you contact your Sport and Recreation Victoria regional contact to discuss projects under Category 3.

    • Eastern Metro, North West Metro and Southern Metro region please email Sport and Recreation Victoria grants
    • Barwon South Western region, please contact Evan Wilkinson, 03 5215 6036
    • Gippsland region, please contact Michael Meyer, 03 5177 2548.
    • Grampians region, please contact Michelle Anderson, 03 5333 6413
    • Hume region, please contact Erin Styles, 03 5722 7134
    • Loddon Mallee region, please contact Jesse Sherwood, 03 5434 5549
  • Application process

    Applications for 2020-21 will be considered in two assessment rounds.

    2020/21 Round 1

    Applications Open: 26 August 2020

    Applications Close: 11.59pm 29 September 2020

    Outcomes announced: December 2020

    2020-21 Round 2

    Applications Open: February 2021

    How will applications be assessed?

    Eligible applications will be assessed against the program guidelines.

    Eligibility does not guarantee success. It is expected that more applications will be received than can be funded.

    Please note that the assessment process may take at least three months from the closing date. Applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of their application.

    Submitting an application

    There are some important steps to consider before submitting an application.

    Step 1: Check your eligibility

    Check the detailed information contained in the program guidelines to see if your organisation and your proposed activity is eligible.

    Step 2: Apply using the DJPR grants portal

    Make sure you have the information you need on hand including required documents, and click on ‘Start new application’ to submit your application through the DJPR grants portal. You will receive an Application Number when you submit an application online. Please quote your Application Number in all correspondence relating to your application.

  • Apply now
    • Applications closed
    • Outcomes announced December
  • Grant acquittal

    Organisations successful in obtaining a grant can complete the grant acquittal process by downloading the grant evaluation report and return with supporting documentation as outlined in the report.

    Please return all documentation electronically by email as outlined in the report.

    Grant acquittal can be completed as soon as all grant funds have been spent.

    Sporting Club Grant Acquittal Report

    NOTE: the above report contains interactive form fields  - please do not print and hand write in the fields

    An accessible word version of the acquittal form can be obtained by emailing

  • Program area and assistance

    Read more about Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV)

    For general Sport and Recreation Victoria grant enquiries:
    Phone: 1800 325 206 for the cost of a local call (except from mobile phones); or
    Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm except public holidays

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