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Sporting Club Grants Program

The Sporting Club Grants Program provides funding for grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations across Victoria.

Access to this funding helps clubs and organisations address barriers in participation, develop safe and sustainable practices, and build social and active local communities.

This program assists clubs and organisations to purchase sports uniforms and equipment, increase the skills of coaches, officials, volunteers and managers, and supports improvements to club capacity and accessibility.

Program Guidelines and FAQs

  • Eligibility and funding categories


    Applications are accepted from Victorian community-based organisations involved in the delivery of sports and active recreation opportunities in Victoria. In addition, the applicant, club or organisation must meet all eight criteria listed in section two of the Program Guidelines.

    Before considering you project, please ensure that you are eligible to apply.

    We receive many applications from clubs or organisations that received a Sporting Club Grant in the previous round or financial year.

    Clubs or organisations that received a Sporting Club Grant in 2020 – 2021, in Category 1, 2 or 3 are ineligible to apply. We encourage new administrators, management or club volunteers to check the full list of successful Category 1, 2 and 3 grant recipients below, in the tab: Previous Sporting Club Grant Recipients.

    If your club or organisation received a grant exclusively (or in both) Category 4: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery, or Category 5: Event Costs Support, you are still eligible to apply this round.

    Funding Categories

    Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment

    Grants of up to $1,000 to purchase:

    • Uniforms or equipment that are essential for participation in a sport / activity, or required for play
    • Safety or injury prevention equipment; and
    • First-aid equipment which is necessary for immediate attention to injury that may occur during participation in sport or active recreation

    Category 2: Skill Development

    Grants of up to $2,000 for clubs or organisations, or up to $5,000 for leagues, associations or organisations that collaborate with multiple organisations.

    Management, committee members, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrative staff all require skills through education, training and mentoring.

    For the purpose of this fund, Skill Development projects are:

    • Initiatives to improve the skills of management and committee members of clubs and organisations
    • Projects that offer clubs or organisations sustainability through training of coaches, officials and administrative staff.

    Category 3: Operational Capacity

    Grants up to $5,000 for clubs or organisations.

    Clubs and organisations attempting to grow as sports and active recreation leaders, require support and development to explore new opportunities, or improve their effectiveness within their communities.

    For the purpose of this fund, Operational Capacity projects:

    • Improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of clubs and organisations through strategic planning.
    • Increase community participation through accessible sport and active recreation opportunities.
  • What’s changed?

    Here’s some of the recent changes to the 2021-22 Sporting Club Grant Program:

    Auspice Arrangements

    If your club or organisation is not a Victorian incorporated association or a company limited by guarantee, an application can be submitted by an auspice organisation

    The auspice organisation must:

    • submit the application on behalf of the club or organisation and agree to the conditions of grant
    • be a Victorian incorporated association or company limited by guarantee
    • if approved receive and acknowledge the Email of Acceptance
    • receive the grant funds and ensure the funds are used as specified in the application and in accordance with the conditions of grant.

    Please be aware, that auspice arrangements cannot be used in projects or activities seeking funding to deliver services to persons under the age of 18.


    All applications must provide valid quote/s dated within the past three months.

    Please be mindful that items that have already been paid or purchased are not eligible for funding through this program.

    Email of Acceptance

    If your application is successful, the Department will notify you via an Email of Acceptance.

    An authorised representative of the club or organisation will need to acknowledge the Email of Acceptance.

    This will form an agreement between you and the Department on the terms contained in your application, the Email of Acceptance, the Program Guidelines and the conditions of grant in the application form.

    Please ensure the email address that is included in your application form is accurate and checked regularly for correspondence.

    If you need to update the email address associated with your application, please contact us via

    Child Abuse Insurance

    If funding is sought to provide services to children, the club or organisation must possess Child Abuse insurance of $5 million (exclusive of public liability insurance).

    Written advice must be provided by your insurance provider and included in your application.

    Not all projects or activities funded through the Sporting Club Grants Program involve the delivery of services to children.

    The list below outlines which categories may be within scope and therefore require clubs or organisations to be insured against child abuse:

    Category 1: Uniforms and Equipment

    Not in scope (no child abuse insurance required)

    Category 2: Skill Development

    Only in scope if training is being delivered to persons under the age of 18

    Category 3: Organisation Capacity

    Only in scope if grant funds will be directly used to deliver services to persons under the age of 18. E.g. funding of coaching delivered by persons under the age of 18.

    Applications to deliver services to children will be ineligible if the applicant does not have the appropriate level of insurance that covers child abuse.

    For full details, visit the tab below: Additional Information, for the Victorian Government funding requirements for Services to Children.

  • What will not be funded?

    The Sporting Club Grant Program will not fund (all categories):

    • More than one application from an applicant in total. If multiple applications are submitted the first application submitted will be considered and the subsequent applications will be automatically ineligible.
    • Applications from applicants or for clubs who have received a Sporting Club Grant from Category 1, 2 and/or 3 in 2020-2021.
    • Applications to deliver services to children, if the applicant does not have the appropriate level of insurance that covers child abuse.
    • Applications submitted by third party grant writers.
    • Funding for existing activities - only new projects will be considered.
    • Purchases made prior to the closing date of each round - items that have already been paid or purchased are not eligible for funding through this program.
    • Project activity beginning prior to the closing date of each round.
    • Capital expenditure – to acquire, upgrade and/or maintain assets including property, building, hardware and transport.
    • Operational expenditure – including rent, utilities, wages and salaries, accounting and legal fees, property taxes, business travel, administrative expenses and all overhead costs.
    • Projects considered the responsibility of other government agencies, including projects that receive financial support from other funding bodies or programs at local, state or federal government level – e.g. harness racing, ballet.
    • Applications from school sport and recreation clubs for current students.
    • Applications with generic or replicated responses.

    Please refer to section four: Category Application Guides within the program guidelines, for specific details relating to each category.

  • Assessment criteria

    The Sporting Club Grants Program is a competitive grant fund.

    Eligibility does not guarantee success, as it is expected that more applications will be received than can be funded.

    Applications are assessed according to eligibility and subsequently:

    • Adequate supporting documentation (valid quotes and letters of support); and
    • Responses to the assessment criteria

    Each application will be carefully considered and assessed against the eligibility and assessment criteria.

    The Sporting Club Grants Program will prioritise funding (across all categories) to:

    • Items and activities that will increase participation in communities or population groups with existing low levels of participation in sport and physical activity e.g. people with a disability, women and girls, Aboriginal people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, LGBTQ+ and older adults.
    • Applications from clubs or organisations located in areas identified with high levels of socio-economic disadvantage (supported by 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics census data) or that can demonstrate circumstances of disadvantage.
  • Mandatory attachments

    Applications that do not provide necessary supporting documentation are ineligible – this includes quotes and letters of support.

    Quotes must reflect the amount requested - lists and estimates are not accepted.

    Please refer to section four: Category Application Guides within the program guidelines for full details.

    When attaching supporting documents, please be aware:

    • Acceptable file types include – Word, Excel, PDF, or JPEG only. No other formats are readable to Department staff.
    • Attachments cannot exceed the maximum file size of 5MB per document.
    • When you are preparing and submitting your application online, check carefully to ensure all your attachments have uploaded.
  • Key dates

    Applications close: 5pm Tuesday 25 January 2022

    Notification of all outcomes: April 2022

    All applications must be submitted online and on time to be considered.

    You will receive an acknowledgment of your application as well as an application number when you submit your application.

  • Apply now

    Step 1: Check your eligibility

    Check the detailed information contained in section 2 of the Program Guidelines, to identify if your club or organisation is eligible for funding.

    Step 2: Apply using the Department’s Grants Portal

    Ensure you have all required information and documents as outlined section 4 of the Program Guidelines. This includes the physical location of your club or organisation, your Incorporation number, ABN and the club or organisation’s bank account details.

    Click Start a new application to commence your application through the Department’s Grants Portal.

    You will need to set-up an email login to proceed with your application.

    Apply now:

    Category 1: Uniforms or Equipment

    Category 2: Skill Development

    Category 3: Organisation Operational Capacity

  • Program area and assistance

    For preliminary information on this grant program:

    Phone Sport and Recreation Call Centre - 1800 325 206

    Open weekdays between 9am – 5pm (except public holidays)


    Join the SRR Mailing List

    Keen to be informed about upcoming grant programs and initiatives at Sport, Recreation and Racing? Email us at to join our mailing list.

    Feedback for unsuccessful applicants

    If an applicant considers that their application has been incorrectly assessed, you have the opportunity to lodge a request for review. Please email and include your application reference number to have your application reviewed.

  • Grant acquittal and additional Information

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Last updated on 17/11/2021