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Professional and high performance sport

Sport and Recreation Victoria supports the High Performance and Professional Sport (HPPS) sector through investing in the development of world class infrastructure and facilities to build inclusive participation in sport and recreation.

The HPPS sector can be best defined as elite competitions or pinnacle events that showcase the highest levels of skill, mastery, competitiveness, and sporting excellence.

HPPS within Australia is generally separated into 4 categories:

  • Olympic and Paralympic sports
  • Commonwealth Games sports
  • professional domestic competition sports
  • professional teams/event-only sports.

Victoria’s HPPS infrastructure has been built to meet the increasing requirements of established men’s and women’s national sporting competitions, new competitions, and a growing number of international sporting and touring entertainment events.

The Victorian Government’s objectives of the HPPS facility network are to:

  • build and maintain Victoria’s capacity and capability to attract and retain major and significant events
  • support state level and professional sporting teams competing in national and international competitions
  • support athlete development via the provision of quality high performance coaching, training, sports science, and recovery facilities for elite state and national level athletes
  • provide access to appropriate facilities that support the state-wide administration and development of sport.
Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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