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Strengthening Regional Community Sport 2024 to 27: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the Strengthening Regional Community Sport program?

Strengthening Regional Community Sport (the Program) is designed to help a variety of sports across regional Victoria address unique, local challenges and opportunities, in collaboration and partnership with their local stakeholders.

The Program will provide grants to support delivery of local, ‘place based’, strategic projects that help to increase participation on and off the sporting field, and build a variety of stronger, more resilient, self-sufficient and sustainable sports across regional Victoria.

If you are eligible and have not received details on the application process, to receive a link to the online application portal please contact us.

A detailed description of the application process is set out in section ‘8. How to apply’ on the Program Guidelines.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are accepted from:

*The list of recognised Victorian sport and recreation organisations can be found in our Our Sector section.

**These organisations must be affiliated to the National Sporting Organisation for people with Disability, recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. A list can be found on the Australian Sports Commission website.

Applicant organisations must meet the following criteria at the time of application and, if successful, for the term of any funding agreement:

  • be a non-government, not-for-profit incorporated body operating in Victoria
  • hold an active and valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be a legal entity operating as either:
    • an incorporated association; or
    • a public company limited by guarantee.
  • have a minimum of 40% women on their board or committee or be able to provide an Office for Women in Sport and Recreation approved work plan to meet this requirement.
  • have met reporting requirements on any grants previously received from Sport and Recreation Victoria to the satisfaction of the Department.
  • implement and maintain policies relating to member protection and Child Safe Standards.
  • where applicable, be able to meet the following legislation and policy requirements:
    • if an applicant intends to deliver services to children, it must be appropriately insured against child abuse. Further information about this requirement can be found on the Justice and Community Safety website.
    • if an applicant has been named in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, or received notice that it was named in an application for redress to the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse established under the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Act 2018 (Cth) (National Redress Scheme), it must join or provide advice to the Department that it intends to join, the National Redress Scheme.
    • promote and adhere to the Fair Play Code (or) relevant national sporting organisation or state sporting association code of conduct/member protection policy, which incorporates the Fair Play Code.
    • have a Sport Integrity Australia approved anti-doping policy in place and comply with the National Anti-doping Scheme where required.

How do I apply for Strengthening Regional Community Sport program funding?

Eligible organisations may submit one application using the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) online grants portal.

Recognised organisations will receive an email with information to support the application process, including:

  • the link to apply through the online grants portal
  • a mandatory template to be completed and attached as part of the application
  • a list of all other mandatory attachments.

How much can I apply for?

Funding of up to $300,000 over 3 years (2024–25 to 2026–27) is available to eligible organisations.

Organisations can choose their requested funding amount based on their detailed project plan.

The assessment will consider applicant organisations’ capability and experience. Therefore, in scoping their projects, applicants should take into account their capability, capacity and demonstrated experience in delivering projects of a commensurate size, scale and complexity.

What are the key program dates?

The table below sets out key dates for the program, including application open and close dates.

Applications open 4 July 2024
Applications close 9 September 2024 (at 11:59 pm)
Successful recipients announced By end of November 2024
Commencement of delivery Upon the Recipient and the State of Victoria (as represented by DJSIR) entering into a grant agreement

What kinds of projects will be funded under this program?

Organisations may submit one application for projects that deliver local, ‘placed-based’, strategic initiatives that help to build resilient, self-sufficient and sustainable sports across regional Victoria.

Projects should focus on building the capacity and capability of the sport and increasing opportunities for participation as players, volunteers, coaches, officials within a local community in the state’s regional and rural council areas.

To understand more about the kind of projects that might be funded under this program, please refer to section ‘4. What will be funded’ on the Program Guidelines.

Do the projects need to be delivered in regional Victoria only?

Program funding is only available for projects delivered in regional Victoria.

Rural and regional Victoria is defined as the 48 local government areas set out in Schedule 2 of the Regional Development Victoria Act 2002, including alpine resort areas.

What does ‘areas of higher socio-economic disadvantage’ mean and which areas of regional Victoria fall under the same?

Areas of higher socio-economic disadvantage are defined as those within deciles 1 to 6 of the Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage, which is developed by Australian Bureau of Statistics based on information from the five-yearly Census.

You can access the list of 28 regional victorian local government areas on the Regional Victorian LGAs with higher levels of socio-economic disadvantage page.

Do I need to identify a specific region in Victoria that my project will benefit?

Yes, you will need to identify a clearly defined region based on local government boundaries or as per the sport’s governance, competition or delivery structures.

The program is seeking to fund projects that deliver specific local solutions to address specific local opportunities and challenges.

Therefore, applicants will need to clearly define the region or location in which projects will be delivered.

Application assessment will take into account the following considerations, in accordance with the assessment criteria set out in the Program Guidelines:

  • a defined region based on local government boundaries or as per the sport’s governance, competition or delivery structures
  • a clear understanding of the local issues, opportunities or challenges that the project seeks to address
  • an evidence-based rationale for the project and the sport / location(s) that it will benefit
  • alignment to the Program objective and outcomes.

What information do I need to include in my application?

Applicants will need to answer all mandatory questions on the online application form (link provided by SRV via email) and also attach the following documentation:

  • Mandatory Attachments (all applications):
    • Quality of project planning and design template provided by SRV,
  • Mandatory Attachments (where applicable):
    • Partnership support letters / MOUs (mandatory for projects with identified partners)
    • Insurance policy including child abuse coverage (mandatory if applicable, see section 2 and section 9.6 of the Program Guidelines for further information about projects requiring this insurance)
  • Optional Supporting Attachments:
    • Organisational Strategic Plans.

For further information regarding assessment criteria, please also refer to section ‘6. Assessment Criteria’ on the Program Guidelines.

I’m having a problem logging on to the website and submitting my application

If you are experiencing any issues related to the application process, please contact us.

How much detail is required in the application form?

The application form will help organisations demonstrate how projects will meet the criteria specified in the Program guidelines and deliver outcomes aligned with Program objectives and outcomes. Applicants who provide detailed and thorough responses to each question may better demonstrate how their project meets the selection criteria.

The word count allowed for each question is indicative of the level of detail required.

Do I need to develop a project plan in consultation with the local sport network and key stakeholders in the region?

You are strongly encouraged to prepare a project in collaboration or consultation with local sport network and key stakeholders in the region where the project will be delivered.

Application assessment will take into account the extent of, 'consultation and collaboration with local sport network and key stakeholders in the planning and design of the project,' as set out in section 6 of the Program Guidelines.

Do I have to confirm partners as part of the application?

Partnerships and co-contributions (in-kind or financial support) between SRV recognised organisations and/or other community organisations are highly encouraged.

Where an application proposes that partners will make a material contribution to a project, the applicant is required to specify the partner(s), explain their roles and responsibilities, and provide evidence of the partner’s commitment to the project (e.g. via a letter of support, draft Memorandum of Understanding, etc.).

Will there be more funding rounds?

No, there is only one round. Successful projects will be delivered over 3 years.

How can I find out further information about Child Abuse Insurance and the Redress Scheme?

For information on Child Safe Standards, Victorian Funding Guideline for Services to Children and National Redress Scheme, including links to sources, please refer to page 14 of the Program Guidelines.

Can I submit more than one application?

Organisations are able to submit one application only.

Why should I attend the information session(s)?

Organisations considering applying for (or partnering on) the Program are strongly encouraged to attend the online information session on Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 10:30 am.

The application process is expected to be highly competitive. The information session will provide an opportunity to hear more detail about the Program and ask questions before applying. An email invitation for the session will be sent out to SRV recognised organisations.

How can I receive further information?

Organisations are encouraged to discuss proposed applications with their SRV Relationship Manager or Sector Service team as early as possible in the application period.

Additionally, if you require further information, you can contact us. Please include your contact details and a member of the Sector Development team will get in contact with you.

Page last updated: 17 Jul 2024
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