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Significant Sporting Events Program

The Significant Sporting Events Program helps sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria.
  • Funding grants available

    Grant type

    Grant description

    Maximum grant value

    Event assistance grants

    Available to event organisers seeking funding support to assist with general operational costs associated with hosting events.


    Event development grants

    Available to develop or expand events, or for events with high operational costs (typically more than $200,000).


    Strategic event planning grants

    Available to State and National Sporting bodies to assist with the development of sport strategic event plans that seek to identify future events that could be hosted in Victoria, and the requirements for doing so.


    * Higher grant amounts may be available and will be considered on a case by case basis by Sport and Recreation Victoria.

  • Eligibility

    The following organisations are eligible for funding:

    • National sporting organisations
    • State sporting associations
    • Regional sports assemblies
    • Local government authorities
    • Sport conference organisers
    • Local sporting clubs and associations
    • Private event organisations
    • Not for profit organisations
    • Venues.

    Applicants are required to submit their applications at least six months prior to the event.

    Please note - eligibility is subject to additional supporting documentation.

    In addition, to be eligible for funding applicants must be an incorporated body, cooperative or association (including business associations)
    possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be financially solvent.

    Please refer to the guidelines for further information.

  • Funding rounds

    The Significant Sporting Events Program is open all year, with six funding rounds each year.

    Annual funding round

    Funding round opens

    Applications closing date

    Indicative notification of outcome

    Round 1

    1 July

    31 August


    Round 2

    1 September

    31 October


    Round 3

    1 November

    31 December


    Round 4

    1 January

    Last day of February


    Round 5

    1 March

    30 April


    Round 6

    1 May

    30 June


  • Apply now

    Please call the Events unit of Sport and Recreation Victoria prior to submitting an application - (03) 9623 1429 or email Events (include 'Significant Sporting Events Program' as the subject line)

    Event assistance grants

    Start New Application

    Access Saved Application

    Event development grants

    Start New Application

    Access Saved Application

    Strategic event planning grants

    Applications will be accepted via email only.

    Please Email Events to submit your proposal.

  • Funding Conditions

    Successful applicants must enter into a Funding Agreement within one month of receiving confirmation of a successful event submission, or the funding may be withdrawn.

    Funding agreements establish the parties and outline their commitments and obligations to each other, as well as setting out the general funding terms and conditions. Payments for funded events will be made in accordance with the payment milestones and deliverables set out in the Funding Agreement.

    Payments are made following the completion of the event; 80% is paid at the conclusion of the event with 20% paid upon completion of post-event reporting requirements.

    A Funding Agreement is required to be executed (signed) by both parties. The Agreement sets out the:

    • activity details
    • funding amounts and payment schedule
    • agreed milestones and deliverables
    • reporting requirements, including post-event statutory declaration
    • acknowledgement of support from the Victorian Government and publicity requirements
    • other activity specific requirements/notices.

    Funds must be spent on the Event as described in the application and outlined in the Funding Agreement unless changes are agreed to in writing.

    Successful recipients of SSEP funding must comply with all Laws including all applicable Commonwealth and Victorian equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, affirmative action, and privacy legislation. In addition, they must ensure their event complies with all obligations in relation to the following policies:

  • Program area and assistance

    For more information about the Significant Sporting Events Program please contact the Events Unit on 9623 1429 or

    For general Sport and Recreation Victoria grant enquiries:

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Last updated on 02/11/2023