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Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program

This program provides financial assistance to young people aged 16 to 25 years to undertake accreditation to ensure they are qualified to teach swimming and water safety. The new Program has been supported through the Victorian Budget 2022-23 to deliver the Victorian Government’s Our Promise, your future: Victoria’s youth strategy 2022-27.

Grant amount

Up to $3,250

Important dates

Open: 16 August 2023

Close: 31 May 2024

Program guidelines

Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program Guidelines ( 309.0 KB)

The program provides young people with an entry point to allow them to pursue or continue career opportunities in the aquatic sector. It will contribute to supporting the capability of the aquatic sector to support the accreditation of more teachers.

Additional Information

Acknowledgment and publicity guidelines for Sport and Recreation Victoria grant recipients (DOCX 444.7 KB) DOCX icon

Visit the Justice and Community Safety website for new funding requirements for organisations providing services to children.


[Mix of interview shots of talent along with children in a swimming class with instructor]

Talent includes, in order of appearance:

Jorja Brink – Swimming Teacher at Brimbank Wellness and Aquatic Centre (Brimbank City Council)

Madison Evans – Swimming Teacher at Leisure Link (City of Greater Geelong)

Drew Hildebrandt – Swimming Teacher at Brimbank Wellness and Aquatic Centre (Brimbank City Council)

The benefits of working as a Swim Teacher, especially at my age, seeing the kids journeys, you can see how much they improve, and how happy they get.

It’s really rewarding to look back and think that you taught them those things and feel like you helped them if they are ever in a drowning situation.

One of the real challenges in our business is that young people don't have a lot of money when they're looking for jobs in the first place. A lot of the roles that we offer require you to invest in yourself and invest in courses to be able to get into some of these positions, like lifeguard and swim teaching.

So, opportunities for them to come in and it not cost them straight up, I think that's really way of knocking down a barrier for them to get into a job that they might want to do.

Free training is a huge benefit because it reduces the barriers and also the uncertainty of trying something new. If it's if it's paid for, then you're much more likely to give it a go The SRV funding came across at a really great time for us to be able to deliver that kind of opportunity for young people.

I’d tell any young person to definitely do it. It is such a rewarding job in so many different ways.

I'm in year 12, so I do do a lot of study. I get off school at 3:30, I come here by four. I work my shift until seven and get home by 730, and then I have the rest of the night to do my homework.

I think you've got nothing to lose. It works around your schedule and it's rewarding and enjoyable and I think they should give it a go. I really enjoy it..

[State Government of Victoria logo within Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program graphic]

[Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.]


Applications are accepted from Victorian councils and learn to swim schools directly operating in public, private or school facilities in Victoria on behalf of prospective swim teachers (candidates).


Eligible applicants must nominate candidates who:

  • are aged between 16 to 25 years
  • reside in Victoria
  • are currently involved in either a paid or volunteer capacity in the aquatic sector in Victoria or wanting to pursue a career in the aquatic sector.

Individuals that live in cross border cities that either work in Victoria or intend to work in Victoria will be considered on a case-by-case basis and applicants should email Sport and Recreation Victoria to explore individual scenarios.

Eligible applicants can nominate up to 40 candidates per application per category.

Please read the Program application guidelines above for full eligibility.

Available funding

The program has four funding categories:

Applicant organisations can apply for up to 40 candidates per application per category. For example, if you want to apply for 10 candidates to undertaking Swimming and Water Safety Teacher training then you can apply for up to $3,250.

There is no limit to the amount of funding organisations can receive over the life of the Program, provided that successful applicants fully acquit their previous grants prior to re-applying for new funding.

Registered  training organisations

Eligible applicants must apply to training that is delivered by any of the following Registered Training Organisations:

Other Registered Training Organisations will be considered on the basis they meet National Recognised Training standards and have appropriate level of insurance against child abuse. They will be required to undergo verification by the Department before applications will be considered.

For more information read the above Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program application guidelines.

Key dates

Applications can be made at any time until 5pm, 31 May 2024 with assessments and notifications provided to applicants within 4 weeks of submission.

How to apply

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Check the Eligibility section (section 2) of the Program's application guidelines to identify if your organisation is eligible for funding

Step 2: Seek eligible candidates by following these steps (for future courses) or collect proof of payment for eligible candidates (for reimbursement)

Seek potential candidates for the eligible courses prior to commencing an application. Candidates can be those looking to start their career in the aquatic sector or those currently employed within your organisation.

Once you have established a list of candidates, approach one of the five approved RTOs for a quote to complete the training and book a course date.

If applying to be reimbursed for candidates that have completed or commenced swim teacher accreditation, obtain proof of payment records such as receipts, bank statements or invoices that show payment has been made between 12 August 2022 and 31 May 2024.

Step 3: Apply using the Department’s Grants Portal

Ensure you have all required information and documents as outlined in the Supporting Documentation section (section 4) of the application guidelines.

To commence your application through the Department’s Grants Portal click the 'Start a new application' buttons on this page.

You will need to set-up a Grant Portal account using a valid email address to proceed with your application.

Additional resources

Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program grant recipients

Youth Aquatic Accreditation Program 2022-23 and 2023-24 Grant-Recipients (DOCX 331.14 KB) DOCX icon

Program area and assistance

For general Sport and Recreation Victoria grant enquiries please contact us.

Page last updated: 25 Jun 2024
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