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Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is a competitive Victorian Government investment program, open to Victorian rural and regional Local Government Authorities and Alpine Resorts Victoria.

The fund aims to deliver new and upgraded community sports infrastructure across 4 streams:

  • Indoor Stadiums and Aquatic Facilities
  • Community Facilities
  • Women and Girls Facilities
  • All Abilities Infrastructure

Applicants to the All Abilities Infrastructure stream may also apply for a grant of up to $50,000 for All Abilities Participation Initiative funding to conduct participation programs for people with a disability at funded facilities.

The fund is underpinned by the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions’ priorities to create more opportunities for people through skills and jobs, help businesses and industries to thrive, and build vibrant communities and regions.

Program Guidelines

For specific details on the fund, including the objectives of the fund, the number of applications that can be submitted under each stream, the grant amounts available and eligibility of applications please refer to the guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Audits

Only qualified and accredited access consultants should be engaged to undertake access audits of the built environment.

Click the link to find an Accredited Access Consultant

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Last updated on 02/02/2024