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Olympic Park scoring goals for West Heidelberg

Thanks to extensive upgrades of Olympic Park, backed by $8.1 million from the Victorian Government, Heidelberg United are looking forward to growing their brand and welcoming more people to the world’s most popular sport.

Heidelberg United player

Delivered in 4 stages, the ongoing works at Olympic Park in West Heidelberg have already transformed the home of the Warriors.

A redevelopment of the main pitch installed drainage that supports year-round play and installed 500 lux lighting towers.

'The new drainage means we no longer have to cancel training due to wet weather, and can use the grounds year-round,' said Helen Tyrikos, General Manager and life-long supporter of Heidelberg United FC

'Meanwhile, the lighting meets broadcasting standards which means we can host games that feature on Channel 10,' Helen said.

'This is huge for the club, and builds a real sense of pride,' she added.

It's not just the senior athletes who have benefited.

Junior players now have access to a synthetic junior pitch and warm up area, complete with fencing and lighting.

'Before these upgrades, we were turning a lot of kids away, which was heartbreaking,' said Helen.

'Now, we can get more kids into elite pathways and make sure we are fostering the next generation of champions.'

To read more about the Olympic Park redevelopment visit The Victorian Connection

Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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