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Helping hands get Mooroopna back in the game after floods

After the October 2022 floods, an army of local volunteers sprang into action to help get the Mooroopna community back on its feet.

Mooroopna Working Bee

For clubs like Mooroopna Football and Netball Club (FNC), the road to recovery from last year's floods was made easier thanks to the efforts of local volunteers, and support from the Victorian Government.

The 150-year-old club was one of many that suffered extensive damage last October.

'The main oval was covered in water, except for the cricket pitch, and the second oval was under about 5 feet of water,' said Mooroopna FNC President Bill Dowling.

'Our change rooms, gym, kitchen and office were also flooded, ruining the equipment, uniforms, carpets and cabinetry inside,' he added.

Today the club is well on the way to recovery, thanks in part to a $5,000 grant from the Victorian Government's Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program to replace items that had been lost, damaged or destroyed. The club is looking forward to a regular season of footy and netball this year.

'I think the promise of a normal season reminds people that life does go on after these events,' said Bill.

Supporting sports clubs to get back on their feet can play an important part in disaster recovery, showing the community that life is returning to normal.

To read more about the Mooroopna Football and Netball Club and community road to recovery visit The Victorian Connection

Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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