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Inquiry into women and girls in sport and active recreation

The Victorian Government is getting on with breaking down the barriers for women in sport by committing $1 million to start implementing recommendations from a recent Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation.

The inquiry report was put together by an advisory panel of nine prominent state sport sector representatives appointed by the Victorian Government, chaired by Richmond Football Club President Peggy O’Neal.

The report involved consultations and workshops throughout the state with representatives from all levels of sport and recreation from coaches to administrators to assess the current state of female representation in the sport sector, especially in leadership roles.

The overwhelming finding is that women are under-represented in leadership roles in a sports sector that is still predominantly male-centric and dominated.

The report also highlights a growing movement of women and girls keen to showcase their talent and desire to contribute to the sport and active recreation sector, but the opportunities to participate and lead are either elusive or not readily evident.

The Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation advisory panel included:

  • Peggy O'Neal (Chair) lawyer and President of the Richmond Football Club
  • Nicholas Barnett, co-founder of Gender Worx and passionate diversity campaigner;
  • Clare Hanlon, researcher at Victoria University and Vice President of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Ken Jacobs OAM, Executive Manager of Government Relations and Places to Play at Tennis Victoria, director of Cricket Without Borders
  • Melanie Jones, media commentator on women's cricket
  • Meagan Keating, Commissioner for the AFL Central Victoria region
  • Jerril Rechter, CEO of VicHealth
  • David Talalla, match referee for Cricket Australia and board member with the Victorian Institute of Sport, Gymnastics Victoria and Softball Victoria
  • Mark McAllion, CEO of Vicsport

To find out more about the game-changing campaign inspired by the Inquiry's findings visit the Change our Game website.

Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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