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Healthy Choices: Policy Guidelines for Sport and Recreation Centres

Using the Healthy Choices framework, sport and recreation centres can provide consistent healthpromoting messages whereby the foods and drinks available through the centre reinforce positive messages about the importance of physical activity for good health.

What will this resource do?

This resource will support the implementation of Healthy Choices in sport and recreation centres by assisting:

  • local councils to incorporate Healthy Choices in tender and contract specifications for management of public sport and recreation centres
  • staff and volunteers in sport and recreation centres to incorporate Healthy Choices in:
    • organisational health and wellbeing policies
    • tenders, contracts and leases with food and drink suppliers
    • contracts and leases with user groups (for example, sports clubs)
  • staff and volunteers in sport and recreation centres and food and drink service providers to meet the food and drink standards (pages 9–10).

The intent is to enhance the health of staff, volunteers and community visitors by increasing availability and promotion of healthier food and drink choices and reducing availability and promotion of less healthy choices.

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for anyone involved in implementing healthy eating policy and making changes to provide healthier foods and drinks in public sport and recreation centres. Centre managers, contract managers, health promotion officers, employers, food and drink manufacturers, retailers and food service personnel may find the resource especially useful.

Organisations registered with the Healthy Together Achievement Program can use this resource to work towards meeting the requirements of the healthy eating benchmarks.

Local governments can also use this resource as a guide to incorporate Healthy Choices in tenders and contracts related to the operation and management of public sport and recreation facilities.

Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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