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Shooting Sports Facilities Program

The Shooting Sports Facilities Program is a Victorian Government funding program that provides funding support for projects that improve the quality and sustainability of shooting sports facilities and activities across Victoria.
  • Eligibility

    This program provides funding for:

    • Shooting sports clubs
    • Shooting organisations

    To be eligible for funding, applicants must:

    • be a shooting sports club or organisation
    • be an authorised representative of the organisation that is responsible for delivering the project (e.g., not a third-party grant writer).
    • be an incorporated body, cooperative or association (including business associations) or will be auspiced by a peak shooting sport body.
    • possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) or will be auspiced by a peak shooting sport body (see Section 2.1.1 for information on auspicing) submit only one application per round.
    • be able to co-contribute a minimum of 20% of the requested grant amount, with a minimum 10% of cash.
    • have a letter of support for your shooting sports club from the peak shooting sport bodies relevant to your shooting disciplines that endorse the proposed project.
    • have project costings such as quotes, detailed cost estimates that totals the entire proposed Project expenditure.
    • have a Victoria Police range certification for the project site at an existing range.
    • ensure their organisation is adhering to and enforcing the Victorian Government’s Fair Play Code.
    • ensure their project meets the program objectives.
  • Funding range of grant

    The Shooting Sports Facilities Program has a funding stream available to applicants. The maximum funding for a grant is $300,000.

    Applicants may only submit one application per round.

    Peak shooting sport bodies can auspice multiple member clubs.

  • Grants

    A grant for up to a total of $300,000 must be matched on a $5:$1 ratio between the Victorian Government and the applicant.

    For applicants to meet the 5:1 funding ratio, they need to provide

      For cash only contributions

    • 20% of the grant amount in cash
    • Or for a combination of cash and in-kind contributions

    • a minimum of 10% of the grant amount in cash; and
    • 10% of the grant amount as an in-kind contribution (however if the cash contribution is above 10%, the in-kind contribution can be reduced proportionately).
  • Dates
    • Round launch 28 January 2022
    • Round closes 30 March 2022
    • Assessment of applications April/June 2022
    • Announcement of successful applications July/August 2022
    • Execute funding agreements August/September 2022
  • Templates and additional information

    Supporting documents that need to be submitted with your application:

    • A letter of support endorsing the proposed project from either:
      • Relevant peak shooting sport bodies
      • Landowner
      • Council - if undertaking structural works on the site and/or a building permit is required.
    • Quotations for works that are equal to the total project cost of the proposed works.
    • Grant Amounts above $50,001 require Financial Risk Assessment documentation (as described in Section 4.1 in the Guidelines)
    • Explanation of land tenure with evidence of tenure (e.g., lease, licence, rates notice)
    • Proposed In-Kind and Voluntary Support contributions, as required
    • Copy of bank statement (proof of ability to contribute minimum of 10% in cash).
    • Environmental Management Plan (if your club already has one).
    • Completed Fair Play Code Form for Tenants (formerly Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport)
    • Project/site plan, drawings/schematic plan and supporting photos as required.
    • Victorian Police - Licencing and Regulation Division - Range certification
    • In-Kind Labour and Voluntary Support fact sheet and template (Word), if required
  • Program area and assistance

    Read more about Sport and Recreation Victoria.

    For general Sport and Recreation Victoria grant enquiries:

    Email Shooting Grants Information​

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Last updated on 28/01/2022