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Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program

The Victorian Government is investing $68 million to build and upgrade community sports facilities across the state. Not only will the investment support local sporting clubs, it will create jobs and boost Victoria’s economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Through the Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program, community sporting clubs and organisations will work with local councils and alpine resort boards, as we fast-track  infrastructure projects that can start in the coming weeks and months.

This initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s $2.7 billion Building Works package, designed to support shovel-ready infrastructure projects and create thousands of jobs for Victorians.

How does the program work?

The $68 million Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program will support Victoria’s economy by working with Local Government Authorities, Alpine Resort Boards and sporting clubs and organisations to fast-track shovel-ready community sports infrastructure projects across Victoria.

Local councils and Alpine Resort Boards will be able to apply to Sport and Recreation Victoria with projects they would like to progress .

Each local council or alpine resort board can submit up to three (3) applications requesting up to $10 million for each application. Applications must be worth a minimum of $1 million in funding requested.

For specific details on the program, including the objectives of the program, the number of applications that can be submitted, the grant amounts available and eligibility of applications please refer to the guidelines.

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Last updated on 25/11/2020