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Change Our Game Women in Sports Broadcasting Program

The 2022-23 Change Our Game Women in Sports Broadcasting Program is designed to support women who are interested in sports media and broadcasting with the knowledge and skills to progress their career in this industry.

The program offers two streams: an Introductory Stream to support the development of early career sports broadcasters, and an Extension Stream to help those growing their presence in the industry take their career to the next level.

  • Program streams

    The Program will be run as two separate streams, with each stream comprising:

    • a full-day workshop delivered by Making The Call, led by experienced broadcasters Emma Race and Lucy Race
    • individualised session/s.

    Stream 1 of the Program is an Introductory Stream that targets individuals who are either looking to commence or are in the early stages of a career in sports broadcasting.

    Stream 2 of the Program is an Extension Stream focused on enhancing and refining broadcast skills, which may include research and preparation, calling play-by-play, delivering courtside/ground updates, presenting opinion pieces and securing employment in the industry, and coaching by industry experts.

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible for Stream 1 – Introductory, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • demonstrate an interest in sports media and broadcasting;
    • identify as a woman
    • be 18 years of age or over; and
    • live in Victoria.

    To be eligible for Stream 2 – Extension, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • be a graduate of a previous Change Our Game Women in Sports Broadcasting Program (pilot or introductory program) OR be able to demonstrate exceptional relevant experience and/or knowledge;
    • identify as a woman
    • be 18 years of age or over; and
    • live in Victoria.

    Applications from eligible candidates who are also from targeted or under-represented cohort(s) are strongly encouraged. These cohorts include:

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women;
    • women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities;
    • women with a disability;
    • women from regional and rural communities;
    • women connected to niche or under-represented sports; and/or
    • the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Dates

    Applications are open from 20 February 2023 and close 5pm AEDT, 20 March 2023.

  • Application process

    Step 1: Check your eligibility

    Check the detailed information contained in the Program Guidelines to see if you are eligible.

    Step 2: Apply online using Grants Online

    The link to apply online can be found on the Change our Game website

    Ensure you select the correct Program stream:

    • Stream 1 - Introductory
    • Stream 2 - Extension

    The application will include the Application Questions set out in Section 3.2. Applications will include both a written and video component.

    Make sure you have the information you need on hand including required documentation and click on ‘Start new application’ to complete and submit your application through Grants Online. It is strongly encouraged that you save your application regularly, or develop your responses in a separate document, to minimise the risk of information being lost prior to submitting your application.

    You will receive an application number when you submit an application. Please quote your application number in all correspondence relating to your application.

  • Apply

    To submit an application visit the Change Our Game website

  • Program area and assistance

    For preliminary information on this or any other Change Our Game program please contact the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation:


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Last updated on 20/03/2023