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Artificial grass for sport guide

The Artificial Grass For Sport Guide is a key resource for sporting clubs, local councils, and schools set to undertake an artificial grass project.

Recent experience has shown there's been inadequate information and support for local councils, schools, clubs and their communities to plan for, select, install, and manage new artificial grass surfaces.

As a result Sport and Recreation Victoria has consulted with the sports industry to develop what will undoubtedly become an indispensable resource for future artificial grass projects.

By sharing this artificial grass experience with all Victorians we hope to further enhance the work of local councils, schools, sporting clubs, and communities in their development of quality, durable and accessible artificial grass facilities.

To maximise the success of current or future artificial grass projects we encourage you to utilise this fantastic resource.

For questions, comments, feedback or suggestions regarding the Guide or artificial grass please email

Download the Artificial Grass For Sport Guide

A high resolution PDF version of the Guide is also available below in 8 parts.


Part 1

Includes: Construction Profiles; Glossary

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 1 (PDF 1386.71 KB) PDF icon

Part 2

Includes: History; Benefits and Disbenefits; Types, Playing characteristics and Sporting standards

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 2 (PDF 1919.37 KB) PDF icon

Part 3

Includes: Multi-use and Multi-sport areas; Injuries; Lifespan and Lifecycles; Cost comparisons; Local Govt policy; Licensing Certification; QA, Control and Warranties; Funding strategies; Professional support; Environmental and Health issues; Current product development.

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 3 (PDF 1592.35 KB) PDF icon

Part 4 Planning

Includes: Introduction; Leisure Facility Planing; Explanatory notes,



Site and Location Analysis; Statutory Planning Issues; Preferred Form of Construction; Artificial Grass Selection; Shock pads; Drainage and Flooding Issues; Concrete Curbs; Irrigation and Reticulation; Floodlighting; Fencing; Divider Netting and Screening; Shoe Cleaning Areas.

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 4 (PDF 1884.8 KB) PDF icon

Part 5 Design (continued)

Includes: Pitch Lay-out and Linemarking; Practice, Warm-up and Multi-Games Areas; Goal and Net Storage; Player and Umpire Shelters; Spectator Areas and Furniture; Access Points; Trees; Relationship to Changerooms and Car Parking; Environmentally Sustainable Design; Safety; Disability Standards for Access to Premises/Universal Design; Designing to Minimise Maintenance,


Project Delivery

Project Stages; Procurement Routes; Choosing the Most Suitable Project Procurement Method; Design and Documentation versus Design and Construct; Project Cost Estimation; Selecting Your Lead Contractor; Selecting a Tender List and Inviting Tenders; Tender Documentation; Evaluation of Tenders; Agree to Final Details With Preferred Contractor; Awarding the Job; Establishing a Contract; Timing and Period of the Contract/Project; Terms and Warranties Offered; Manufacturer/Supplier Licensing; Product Compliance; Monitor and Supervise Construction and Contract; Quality Control; Check Final Completion with Consultants and the Contractor; Remedial Works and Re-Inspection; Field Testing; Handover and Defects Liability Period; The Warranty and Guarantee Period.

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 5 (PDF 1612.71 KB) PDF icon

Part 6 Management/Operation

Includes: Facility Objectives; Specific Policies; Management Options; Programming and Pricing Structures; Staff and Supervision; Marketing; Accounting and Financial Procedures; Operating Procedures.



Maintenance Overview; Maintenance of Artifical Grass Pitches; Maintenance of Artificial Grass Tennis Courts; Maintenance of Artificial Grass Cricket Pitches; Maintenance of Artifical Grass Lawn Bowling Greens; Chemicals on Artificial Grass.

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 6 (PDF 1787.21 KB) PDF icon

Part 7 Re-Surfacing

Includes: Re-Surfacing/Replacement: General Considerations; Design Considerations,



Appendix 1: Bibliography; Appendix 2: Case Studies; Appendix 3: Sample Specification (Primary School Installation)

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 7 (PDF 2040.56 KB) PDF icon

Part 8 Appendices (continued)

Includes: Appendix 4: Sample Questionnaire for Use When Interviewing Proposed Contractor; Appendix 5: Construction Costs and Whole-of-Life Costings; Appendix 6: Accredited Testing Laboratories; Appendix 7: Surface Evaluation Model (Introduction); Appendix 8: Surface Evaluation Model; Appendix 9: Categories of Artificial Grass Pitches.

Artificial Grass For Sport Guide - Part 8 (PDF 1363.11 KB) PDF icon

Surface Evaluation Model (XLS 119 KB) XLS icon


This resource contains comments of a general nature only and is not intended to be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. No responsibility will be accepted by the Victorian Government for loss occasioned to any person doing anything as a result of any material in this resource. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are guidelines only and should not be expressly relied on by project proponents.

Page last updated: 17 Jul 2024
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