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In-Kind Labour and Voluntary Support fact sheet and template

In-kind and voluntary support are contributions to a project other than money. Many projects are assisted through different groups within the community. Some support can be in-kind in nature like voluntary labour or donated materials.

When can I claim in-kind and voluntary support expenses?

The value of volunteer labour and other in-kind support is limited to a percentage of your total budget.

Please note that any in-kind and voluntary support in your funding application needs to be underwritten by Council.

Please refer to the relevant program guidelines to establish the percentage of permitted in-kind and voluntary support. Please speak with your Sport and Recreation Victoria representative if you are unsure or require additional information and assistance.

How do I calculate the value of in-kind and voluntary support?

You need to explain the nature of the in-kind contribution being provided, which organisation/individual is making the contribution and how you have calculated the value, based on what it would cost if you had to pay money.

Rates for basic labouring work are normally calculated at $20 per hour while specialist contributions should be valued at $20-$45 per hour. Costings need to be based on reasonable commercial rates.

Who can I contact for further information?

For further information on in-kind and voluntary support, please contact your Sport and Recreation Victoria representative.

Insufficient space in the templates?

If there is insufficient space in the below templates, then please provide the additional information on an additional page as an attachment.

Page last updated: 28 May 2024
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