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This Victorian Sports Anti-Doping Policy applies to all organisations responsible for conducting sporting competitions, sports organisations, their affiliates and members in Victoria, and any person or organisation receiving state support for sporting activities.

NOTE: The Victorian Sports Anti-Doping Act (2005) and The Victorian Sport Anti-Doping Policy (2012) are currently under review.

The Victorian Government is currently undertaking a review of the Victorian Anti-Doping Legislation and Policy. The review will consider the need for the Victorian Legislation and Policy given recent changes to the National Anti-Doping Program.

More information on the National Anti-Doping Program, including the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy can be found on Sport Integrity Australia’s Anti-Doping Webpage.

Victorian Sports Anti-Doping Policy (2012)

The Victorian Sports Anti-Doping Policy remains in force until the Victorian Government review is complete.

Page last updated: 17 Jul 2024
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