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Sport culture and environment

We support the work of state sporting associations and clubs to promote a positive sporting culture and environment.
Sport is a great way for people to get fit and stay healthy; however, sport also creates a risk of injury.
The well-being of every member of a sport organisation is integral to the future of sport.
Healthy Choices is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to promote healthy food and drink options in a range of public settings including sport and recreation.
The department encourages sporting club officials, staff and volunteers to complete allergy and anaphylaxis training and review the procedures on how to safely conduct camps involving children, including the safe provision of food to children with known food allergies.
Clubs provide enormous community and social benefits. They also have a responsibility to offer a fair, safe and equitable sporting environment.
If you’re considering taking supplements for medical or other reasons, seek advice from a healthcare professional.
Smoke from bushfires and wind-blown dust can have an impact Victoria’s air quality.

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Last updated on 09/05/2017