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Integrity in sport

The Victorian Government works closely with commonwealth and state partners to safeguard the integrity of sport in our state.
Also known as match-fixing, sporting competition manipulation is a deliberate attempt to alter or control aspects of, or the outcome of a game, match or competition.
The Victorian Government is currently undertaking a review of the Victorian Anti-doping Act and Policy.
Creating safe sporting environments for children and young people requires a commitment from all involved sport.
Victorian sport is increasingly confronting integrity and reputational threats relating to child safeguarding, member protection, match fixing, performance enhancing drugs, sports gambling and inappropriate behaviours of those involved in sport.
Member Protection involves the implementation of practices to protect all members involved in a sporting organisation, association, league or club from discrimination, vilification, abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour.
Introduced in 2021, the National Integrity Framework contains a streamlined suite of policies that represent best practice in managing sport integrity matters and set out expectations for the conduct of all participants in sport.
The Victorian Government supports the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme, and work of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and Sport Integrity Australia in regulating wagering in Australian sport.

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Last updated on 09/05/2017