Overview of The Code

Every person in Victoria has the right to participate in community sport that is safe, welcoming and inclusive. At the same time, everyone plays a part in ensuring their behaviour and their actions are supportive of these values.

State Sporting Associations, leagues and clubs also have a responsibility to ensure participation in any community sport event is free of any anti-social behaviour. This means that behaviour both on and off the field should not prevent others from taking part and getting active.

The Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport outlines behaviours which are expected of every person involved in community sport, and behaviours which must not be tolerated.

The code supports Victoria's Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women by taking a zero tolerance stance towards violence against women. The code also aims to encourage cultural and behavioural change as a pre-emptive measure against violence.

Acts of violence, discrimination and vilification are illegal acts in Victoria. It is a club's responsibility to report these to the appropriate legal authorities and ensure these acts are not tolerated by the sport or club.

State Sporting Associations, leagues and clubs will have the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing the code through sport specific penalties. Organisations that do not adhere to and enforce the code will not be eligible for funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria, and any existing funding will cease.

The code provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on community participation in sport and recreation by encouraging appropriate behaviour at all times. Implementation of the code will ensure that community sport remains safe and inclusive for all.