How does the code affect me?

State Sporting Association

The responsibility of a State Sporting Association through the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport is to:

  • promote the code to all persons involved in the sport or club
  • ensure reporting and assessment processes are in place to identify and penalise breaches of the code
  • report on the implementation of the code to the Victorian Government on an annual basis
  • ensure that every person involved in the sport is able to exercise their rights without fear of victimisation.

Sport/recreation league, association or club

Sport clubs should check with their Association what they need to do to implement the code. Typical actions may include putting up posters in the club house, posting a link to this website on the club website or educating their members about expected behaviours.

Member of a sport league, association or club

Members should ask their club officials or committee what they are doing to implement the code.

Local councils

Local councils are encouraged to promote the code to their member clubs and the local community.

If you are part of a local council, you can promote the code through a range of ways:

  • placing information on your website, including the DVD, with links to this site for further information
  • drafting an article about the code for placement in stakeholder newsletters or emails
  • presenting the DVD and information about the code at meetings and/or club development sessions
  • displaying code of conduct posters in public spaces including sports facilities, meeting rooms and kitchen areas
  • briefing your staff and making them aware of the resources available
  • adding a clause to your tenancy agreements stating that tenants must adhere to their sport's code of conduct.

Match official/volunteer

Match officials should check that procedures are in place to encourage supporters and players to recognise the contribution of officials and volunteers.


Players should be informed about the implications of the code on their play, their rights and responsibilities.


Parents should see posters explaining the code and its implications around the club and its facilities and should make sure they tell their children about the importance of demonstrating the behaviours outlined in the code. Parents should role-model these behaviours at all times.


Spectators should be aware that they are expected to abide by the code whenever they attend a game, event or activity.

Member of public

Members of the public should be informed about what actions to take if they witness or become involved in an incident that breaches the code.