Club culture and resources

Clubs provide enormous community and social benefits. They also have a responsibility to offer a fair, safe and equitable sporting environment.

When running a club, it is important to consider and enforce codes of conduct, risk management strategies and member protection guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun, safe and inclusive experience.

Play by the rules - creating a discrimination-free environment

The Play by the Rules website provides information and resources for community sport and recreation on how to:

  • Manage and prevent discrimination, harassment and child abuse.
  • Develop environments that are inclusive and welcoming for participants.

Integrity Guidelines for Directors of Sporting Organisations

The Integrity Guidelines for Directors of Sporting Organisations assists leaders with the management and oversight of integrity issues confronting sport.

Risk management

The single biggest initiative that sports can adopt to reduce their insurance premiums is to have an effective risk management program, including policies to mitigate risk, throughout all levels of their sport.

In response to insurance-related issues impacting on the sport and recreation industry, the Victorian Government funded a four year sports risk management initiative. The projects supported under this initiative were:

Compliance with regulations

The Not for Profit Compliance Support Centre website is a single entry point for sporting organisations and other not-for-profit organisations to access regulatory information, licences, forms and related compliance resources.