State sporting associations

A state sporting association (SSA) is the pre-eminent governing body for a sport in Victoria.

Recognised SSAs are listed below, along with links to their website. In some cases, the link is to a national website rather than a Victorian specific one.

You can also find out about the recognition process for state sporting associations

Archery: Archery Victoria
Athletics: Athletics Victoria
Athletics: Little Athletics Victoria
Australian Football: AFL Victoria
Badminton: Badminton Victoria
Baseball: Baseball Victoria
Basketball: Basketball Victoria
Biathlon: Australian Biathlon Association
Bicycle Motocross: BMX Victoria
Bocce: Bocce Federation of Victoria
Bowls: Bowls Victoria
Boxing: Boxing Victoria
Calisthenics: Calisthenics Victoria
Canoeing: Canoeing Victoria
Cricket: Cricket Victoria
Croquet: Croquet Victoria
Cycling: Cycling Victoria
Dancesport: Dancesport Victoria
Diving: Diving Victoria
Dragon Boat: Dragon Boat Victoria
Eightball: Pool Victoria
Equestrian: Equestrian Victoria
Equestrian: Pony Club Victoria
Fencing: Fencing Victoria
Flying Disc: Ultimate Victoria
Football (Soccer): Football Federation Victoria
Gliding: Victorian Soaring Association
Golf: Golf Victoria
Gridiron: Gridiron Victoria
Gymnastics: Gymnastics Victoria
Hockey: Hockey Victoria
Ice Sports: Ice Sports Victoria
Judo: Judo Victoria
Karate: Karate Victoria
Kung Fu – Wushu: Kung Fu Wu Shu Victoria
Lacrosse: Lacrosse Victoria
Life Saving: Life Saving Victoria
Boxing: Boxing Victoria
Judo: Judo Victoria
Karate: Karate Victoria
Modern Pentathlon: Modern Pentathlon Victoria
Motorsport: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
Motorcycling: Motorcycling Victoria
Netball: Netball Victoria
Orienteering: Orienteering Victoria
Parachuting: Victorian/Tasmanian Parachute Council
Roller Sports: Stake Victoria
Rowing: Rowing Victoria
Rugby League: NRL Victoria
Rugby Union: Victorian Rugby Union
Sailing: Yachting Victoria
Shooting: Victorian Amateur Pistol Association
Shooting: Victorian Clay Target Association
Shooting: Target Rifle Victoria
Skateboarding: Victorian Skateboarding Association
Snowsports: Ski and Snowboard Australia
Softball: Softball Victoria
Squash: Squash and Racquetball Victoria
Surfing: Surfing Victoria
Swimming: Swimming Victoria
Synchronised Swimming: Victorian Synchronised Swimming
Table Tennis: Table Tennis Victoria
Tennis: Tennis Victoria
Tenpin Bowling: Tenpin Bowling Victoria
Touch: Touch Victoria (Touch Football)
Triathlon: Triathlon Victoria
Volleyball: Volleyball Victoria
Water Polo: Water Polo Victoria
Waterski: Victorian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation
Weightlifting: Victorian Weightlifting Association
Wrestling: Victorian Wrestling Association