Public entities

The following public entities perform a range of important functions, from the management of Melbourne's key sports and entertainment facilities to the development of Victoria's elite athletes. They report to the Minister for Sport, Tourism and Major Events.

Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board of Victoria

The Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board is responsible for:

  • licensing promoters, trainers, referees, judges and matchmakers
  • registering contestants
  • issuing permits to licensed promoters for boxing, kickboxing and other combat sports promotions

Victorian Institute of Sport

The Victorian Institute of Sport conducts programs to assist the development of Australia's and Victoria's best athletes. The Institute provides advanced and specialised coaching, sports science and sports medicine services, career and education advice, and training and competition support.

Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust

The Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust is responsible for improving and promoting Melbourne Park and Olympic Park.

State Sport Centres Trust

The State Sport Centres Trust is responsible for overseeing the ongoing planning, improvement, management, operation and promotion of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park and the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Royal Park.

Melbourne Cricket Ground Trust

The Melbourne Cricket Ground Trust is responsible for the management, control and development of the MCG. It works in conjunction with the Melbourne Cricket Club.