Major sporting legislation

Major sporting events provide Victorians with great spectator opportunities and make a significant contribution to the Victorian economy. The Major Sporting Events Act 2009 (refer Legislation Victoria at provides legislative protections to event organisers and to the public to assist with the safe and efficient staging of these events.

The Act may be applied to a major sporting event to:

  • enhance crowd management by police and authorised officers, increasing the safety and comfort of spectators
  • allow events to be protected from ambush advertising on buildings and ambush aerial advertising
  • protect event logos, images and references
  • provide protection from unauthorised broadcasting
  • provide for the control and management of event venues and event areas
  • ensure that the sale and distribution of tickets is in accordance with an approved ticket scheme.

The operation of the Act helps facilitate major sporting events and is a major reason why Victoria secures some of the best events in the world.

A number of requirements need to be met before additional events can be protected under the Act. Event organisers who are interested in having the Act applied to their event should contact Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Supporters should be aware that the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2105 are declared events under the Sports Events Ticketing provisions.

Under the Major Sporting Events Act 2009, it is illegal to on-sell AFL Grand Final and ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets at a premium or part of a package, unless the seller is authorised by the AFL or Cricket World Cup 2015 Ltd.

Breaching this Act by on-selling tickets without AFL or Cricket World Cup authorisation can result in heavy fines in excess of $8,000 for an individual and $42,000 for a company.

Purchasing a ticket from an unauthorised seller can result in the ticket holder being denied entry to the event.

For queries regarding AFL authorised ticket sellers see the AFL website or call the AFL on (03) 9643 1999 and for the Cricket World Cup.